SASS Global Travel

We create next level action sports adventure travel experiences. SASS Global Travel was born out of a pursuit of the endless winter. Our connection to the mountains will never fade and a desire to share that feeling with others is our motivation. Between our winters, a love of surfing developed into a similar obsession and the desire to share that feeling soon followed. As we continue to provide the platform for exploration and progression, we have come to develop a following of like-minded travelers who look to us to set them up for success while exploring the globe with our sports as the motivation. These clients, the ones that truly get it and can’t get enough of it, are the SASS family. We invite you to join us on any one of our trips, but warn you… You’ll probably end up on another.

Wellbody Sports Care

Wellbody Sports Care is a highly professional training and medical care team dedicated to helping professional athletes perform at the highest level. Since 2011 Wellbody Sports Care has been working with professional athletes and teams from all around the world. The full range of WSC services include functional, athletic and fitness training, medical and fitness tests as well as sports medical therapy, physiotherapy, massage, chiropractic and other methods to help athletes relax, rehabilitate and regenerate. WSC is able to offer all this and more in terms of Professional Sports Care all around the world as well as Athletic Training Camps and Sports Care for Events Europe wide. We focus on quality Sports Care Services so that Athletes can focus on what they do the best.

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Electric Snow

Our passion for riding, sliding and adventuring with friends is what pushes us to innovate and create the best goggles in the industry.


GNU Snowboards

At GNU we are from the past and have seen the future.  Who we are is what we create. @gnusnowboards we’ve never been able to stop at “good”. Committed to our team - snowboarding’s unusual savants, zany artists, tinkering til perfection, and pushing progression beyond industry standard, we are Unreal. Weird, innovative, creatives, obsessed with snowboarding, the mysterious materials, advanced geometries, and pioneering radical contours and shapes in search of more fun. Handbuilt in the USA at Mervin Manufacturing ZERO HAZARDOUS WASTE since 1977.


Hungarian Snowboard Federation

We have been working with the Hungarian Snowboard Federation since 2016. Our work together led to the first Hungarian winter sport World Cup victory when Panka Gyarmati stood atop the podium in Mammoth,CA. This September we coached Botond Fricz at the Junior World Championships in New Zealand. Our partnership has introduced us to a unique nation of talented riders who go to great lengths to participate in an unlikely national pursuit!